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Outdoor LED screen „BIGGEST INTERSECTION“ in Šiauliai

Outdoor LED advertising screen - „The biggest intersection“, Siauliai, Lithuania

Outdoor LED advertising screen "BIGGEST INTERSECTION"

Žemaitės str. and Dubijos str. intersection, Šiauliai
Screen size - 32 sq. m. (8 x 4 m).
Screen resolution - 480 x 240 pixels.
Clip must be without sound track.
Screen audience in the area – 457 thousand per week.

LED screen is located in the biggest intersection in Šiauliai (Dubijos str. and Žemaitės str.), where traffic is intensive at any time of the day. Gas station “Circle K” is located in front of the screen, as well as the road connecting two of the main city parts.
Because of its dimensions (32 sq. m.), LED screen is clearly visible from far away. It also has one of the best resolutions among the screens in Lithuania, so your advertisement will be shown in high quality.
As seen in the photo, there are no objects in the area that could block the screen so it is well seen from all directions.
For more information on outdoor LED media screens, please write us at any time!

Outdoor LED advertising screen - „The biggest intersection“, Siauliai, Lithuania


Outdoor advertising display "BIGGEST INTERSECTION" from birds view


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